All Inclusive Water System For Municipal Water :

The Whole 9 Yards

 The Ultimate Water Filtration Package for those who desire superior water quality for their family and home. This package provides leading water filtration / purification technology to filter, soften, purify and re-enhance your water.

These systems are lifetime solution to a lifetime problem of questionable water.

  • 2,3, and 4+ Household Sizes Packages
  • Full-size Activated Carbon Filter for superior contact time and chlorine removal
  • Removes unwanted chlorine and toxic disinfection by-products from your family’s tap water
  • Removes damaging hard minerals -protects your home and saves money
  • Soft and clean water benefits: healthier skin and hair— cleaner clothes and dishes
  • Whole-house UV Sanitizer-protection from common waterborne diseases
  • Ultimate drinking water with the FOY-RO+ Nature’s Spring Enhancer

The Complete System Includes:

Eco-CAT Chloramine Filter— made with special catalytic carbon, the activity of this carbon makes it highly effective for breaking apart the bonds of Chlorine and Ammonia.

Eco-CM Water Softener—Protection from the damaging effects of Hard Water. Extra-large capacity softener for larger homes or families. A Commercial grade valve for strength and reliability.

Eco-UV (Ultraviolet Light)— Protection against Pathogens and Common Water-borne diseases.

FOY-RO (Reverse Osmosis )— A 4-Stage Filter custom-fitted with a Natures’ Spring Enhancer (Re-Mineralizer with FAR Infra-Red Light), and Eco-Pump—removes up to 99% of contaminants from your “Life Support Water” (drinking water, beverages, food cleaning and cooking), then is rebuilt with beneficial electrolytes and light (Activated Water)

Monthly Payments Starting at 61.00 per month*—installed

*With approved credit. Standard install applies.

Trionics recommends contacting our offices to have one of our water specialists test and assess your well water before purchasing.

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