Trionics ECO‐IM:

No More Stinky Water, No More Red Stains!!

No More Expensive & Dangerous Regenerates!!!!


Designed to offer a cost effective solution for Iron and Sulfur removal, the ECO-IM uses only source water to regenerate, eliminating the need for expensive and sometimes dangerous regen-chemicals required with other iron and/or sulfur filter processes.

The ECO-IM requires no regenerates of any type other than the source water. No additional cost for regenerates and no dangerous chemicals to store. The system utilizes source water to backwash once every 1-3 days, depending on the amount of contaminate in the water rinsing the removed contaminants to the drain.

Your Iron and Sulfur problems will go away immediately!

  • No Regenerates
  • No Additional Costs
  • Uses Source Water
  • No Dangerous Chemicals
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free



  • 2510-SXT- IM Fleck Programmable Valve
  • Durable Safety Bypass Valve
  • Filter Media adjustable for different types of water.


Well Warranty:

  • 5 Years……….Media Tank
  • 5 Years……….Valve
  • 5 Years……….Filter Media
  • 5 Years……….Internal Parts
  • 5 Years……….Electronics


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