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TRIONICS Model Eco-IM Iron and Sulfur Manganese Filter

No More Stinky Water!!
No More Red Stains!!
No More Expensive & Dangerous Regenerates!!!!

The TRIONICS Model Eco-IM offers a cost-effective solution for Iron and Sulfur removal. Because it uses only source water to regenerate, there is no need for expensive and sometimes dangerous regen-chemicals required with other iron and/or sulfur filter processes. 
Your Iron and Sulfur problems will go away immediately!

-Satisfaction Guaranteed

How Does It Work?

The filter media creates a catalysis reaction that changes soluble ferrous iron (clear water iron) and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) into ferric oxide and ferric hydroxide which are insoluble. This is the same reaction that takes place when iron-bearing water is exposed to air which leads to staining of fixtures.

The Eco-IM creates a pocket of air in the top of the tank. The water passes through a diffuser to break up the water droplets and then passes through the air pocket where the iron and sulfur are oxidized.  The filter bed media then removes the iron and sulfur, as well as manganese while introducing additional oxygen to the water.

The Eco-IM requires….

  • No additional cost for regenerates and
  • no dangerous chemicals to store.
  • The system utilizes source water to backwash once every 1-3 days depending on the amount of contaminate in the water.
  • The backwash cycle replaces the old oxygen pocket with a fresh one and rinses the removed contaminates to the drain.

The Iron Master will remove up to 8 ppm of hydrogen sulfide along with 7 ppm of iron depending on the pH level of the source water.

ECO-IM Features

  • 2510-SXT- IM Fleck Programmable Valve
  • Durable stainless steel Bypass Valve
  • Filter Media adjustable for different types of water All TRIONICS filter systems come with a safety bypass valve and are professionally installed and serviced by certified technicians.