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For drinking, cooking and maintaining a healthy body, the Trionics FOY-RO drinking water system produces Ultra-purified/Re-mineralized water for a lifetime of consistently clean, healthy water.

How Does It Work?

Setting the Stage for Quality Water
Stage 1 – 5 Micron Sediment pre-filters reduce dirt, rust and sediment.
Stage 2 – 10 Micron Block Carbon pre-filter removes chlorine/chloramine, organic chemicals and provides enhanced reduction of taste, odor, and color.

Stage 3 – GAC Carbon further removes the remaining chlorine/chloramine to extend the life of the membrane- making filter changes less often than typical RO systems.

Stage 4 – Reverse osmosis-(TFC) ultra filtration membrane will effectively separate up to 99% of the dissolved contaminants from the water molecules such as cysts, metals and salts, including lead, arsenic, sodium, nitrates, nitrites, barium, cadmium, copper, as well as micro-organisms such as cryptosporidium and giardia. RO membrane filtration has also been shown to be the most effective means of removing pharmaceuticals from water. The purified water is stored in the reserve tank and the contaminants are then washed down the drain.

At this Stage You have some options.

As stated above the purified water is stored in a reserve tank and has had virtually everything removed from it. The RO membrane cannot discern between good minerals and bad contaminates so as a result, both are removed. Some people like the taste of virtually nothing in the water and some do not. typical complaints of purified RO water is that the water has no taste, taste flat or they feel thirsty after drinking it. That’s possible. Minerals in the water, also known as electrolytes, play a pivotal role in the hydration and functions of the Body.

Stage 5–Mineral Filter for increased hydration properties.

This filter improves the quality of clean water by adding back to the water necessary minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, and others readily found in natural mineral water for proper human development while making it more refreshing to drink.

Stage 6–(FIR) Far Infra-Red Light for increased hydration properties. FIR causes resonance with water molecules known as “Water Activation”. It ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood thus improving blood circulation and providing a host of other benefits.

FOY-2 RO Features and Pricing

  • 36 Gallon Per Day -TFC Membrane
  • 6-Stage filtration system
  • Re-mineralizer
  • FAR Infra-red Enhancer
  • 3 1/2 Gallon Reservoir Tank 
  • TRIONICS Eco-Pump
  • Includes Elegant RO Faucet

From Test to Taps: Reverse Osmosis Solutions & Expert Water Filter Services

Discover a new level of water quality with Trionics Superior Water’s advanced reverse osmosis (RO) systems and expert filter installation services. Our commitment to delivering exceptional water solutions begins with understanding your unique needs and providing state-of-the-art filtration technologies.

Understanding Reverse Osmosis Systems:

Experience the pinnacle of water purification with our cutting-edge reverse osmosis systems. Unlike standard filters, our RO systems treat all water entering your home, ensuring every tap and appliance delivers purified water. Trionics Superior Water specializes in installing whole-house reverse osmosis systems, guaranteeing optimal water quality throughout your residence.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration:

Our whole-house reverse osmosis water filter systems are designed to tackle an extensive array of contaminants. From eliminating sediment and suspended particles like sand, silt, and rust to eradicating harmful chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, and (VOC) volatile organic compounds, our systems ensure water safety and enhance taste and odor. Moreover, dissolved impurities like heavy metals (e.g., lead, arsenic) and minerals (e.g., fluoride) are effectively filtered out, delivering pure, refreshing water to your home.

Comprehensive Home Water Test Kit:

Knowledge is key to water safety. Trionics Superior Water provides a comprehensive home water test kit, enabling you to understand your water’s composition. Identifying impurities helps us recommend the most effective water treatment tailored to your specific needs.

Professional Water Filter Installation Near You:

Selecting the right service provider for water filter installation near you is crucial. Trionics Superior Water stands out for several reasons:

  1. With extensive industry expertise, our team excels in recommending and installing the most suitable whole-house reverse osmosis water filter systems tailored to your water quality requirements.
  2. Customer satisfaction is our priority. From precise installation to ongoing support, we ensure your system operates optimally and guarantee your satisfaction.
  3. Embracing innovation, we provide the latest, most efficient filtration solutions available. Our commitment to excellence drives us to offer cutting-edge technology for superior water quality.

Invest in Your Family’s Health:        

Investing in a whole-house reverse osmosis system from Trionics Superior Water means investing in your family’s health. Experience the transformative power of purified water throughout your home, ensuring every interaction with water is clean and safe.

Contact Us for Expert Water Filter Installation:

For unmatched expertise in water filter installation near you and a significant improvement in home water quality, trust Trionics Superior Water. Contact us today and start your journey toward pristine, purified water throughout your home.