Sulphur In Your Water

Should Water Stink? It’s pretty easy to tell if there is sulphur in your water; if you turn on your tap and the room begins to smell like rotten eggs… you have Sulphur in your water. What is Sulphur?   Sulphur is a brittle, pale-yellow, naturally-occurring element found in nature. Sulphur-containing minerals are found in […]

Get To Know Your Water Quality- Hardwater

“Hard Water” is a reference to the high mineral content within water, and is considered the most common of all water problems. Water picks up a little part of everything that it touches, including natural minerals from the ground. Excess Sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Iron, are all contributors to the hardness of your water. A homeowner reading […]

Get To Know Your Water Quality- Pathogens

The term “pathogen” is used to describe a parasite or infectious agent that causes disease What are they? The term pathogen is used to describe a parasite or infectious agent that causes disease. Diseases caused by organisms in humans are known as pathogenic diseases. Pathogenic microorganisms are most commonly transmitted in contaminated fresh water. Infection […]

Get To Know Water Quality – Chemicals

        Chlorine and Chloramines are two of the most commonly used chemicals by water providers to disinfect tap water and kill disease causing micro-organisms. What are they? There are over 75,000 chemical compounds utilized in the world every day. By the time water finishes washing through our environment, it has picked up […]